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In addition to our Board of Directors the team of Proyecto Mosaico e.V. consists of three permanent staff members in Nicaragua and one permanent staff member in Germany. Our work is also supported by interns and volunteers in our office in Granada. We are experts who support our volunteers and our partner projects adequately and are also able to offer training. Since we all once were volunteers in the past, we share this experience with you and can understand your concerns very well.


Our Team in Nicaragua



Gina Vetter (24)

Function: Volunteer Coordination

Gina just finished her bachelors degree in communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. During her studies she already did an internship at a travel agency in Argentina and worked several months at a hotel in Costa Rica. After her stay she traveled some months through South- and Central America. These experiences strengthened her wish to come back to Latinamerica after her studies. While searching for a suitable job in the social field she became aware of Proyecto Mosaico. Since August 2017 she is supporting Proyecto Mosaico as the volunteer coordinator in our office in Granada, Nicaragua.



Franziska Wintersteller (20)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Franzi is a student of the bachelor program “International Cultural and Business Studies“ in Passau. She focusses on economics, political sciences and the culture of Latin America. While studying her interest for the continent and its people grew. Her passion for social work is based in her voluntary work with the Red Cross. With Proyecto Mosaico she found the perfect combination of social work and cultural experience. Thus, she decided to do an internship in the office in Granada from September 2017 onwards. 




Paula Volkland (23)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Paula is an International Business Student at the end of her studies. During her time in university she developed a big interest in global economic happenings and the field of international cooperation. She got fascinated by the Hispanic culture at her journey through South America 2014. Furthermore, she was able to optimize her Spanish language skills during her Erasmus semester at the University of Oviedo. Since November 2017 she is working for Proyecto Mosaico and supports Gina in the Coordination of Volunteers and the Public Relation work for the organization.





Lila (7), Batman (6 months)

Function: Fun, game and cuddle

These are our two office-cats. Lila has long since become a part of the team, Batman has been strengthening the team since a few months ago. They fulfill their tasks entertaining and welcoming the new volunteers and staff members excellently. Due to the comfortable nature of Lila and the playful personality of  Batman everyone quickly falls in love with them.






Our Team in Guatemala



Lucrecia Garcia (Lucky)

Function: Emergency contact, Volunteer mentor

Lucrecia Garcia (Lucky) has been volunteering for Projecto Mosaico e.V. for almost 4 years now. She is a 53 years old Guetamalan who was born in Antigua, a cosmopolitan city in Guatemala. At the URL (Universidad Rafael Landívar) she studied clinical psychologie and despite of her mother tongue Spanish, she also speaks English, German and Italian. At the moment she lives in a small community called Jocotenange, 10 minutes by car from Antigua. Her aim is to help people and she likes to be surrounded by people who are harmonious, peaceful and optimistic.



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