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Current Events

Current Events   16.10.15: Meet & Greet in León, Nicaragua (for more information please contact: 23.10.15: Meet & Greet in Jinotega, Nicaragua (for more information please contact: 31.10.15: Volunteer Workshop in Granada, Nicaragua (for more information please contact: 20.11.15 & 19.02.16: Information meeting in Hannover, Germany -> starting at 5 p.m., Café Safran (registration under:...

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Become a partner organization

¿Por qué asociarse con Proyecto Mosaico?   ¿Quiénes somos? ¿Qué hacemos? Coordinación de Trabajo Voluntario – Enlazamos voluntarios de diferentes partes del mundo con organizaciones en Centroamérica. Proyecto Mosaico proporciona asistencia durante todo el proceso del voluntariado. Estamos especializados en la búsqueda de voluntarios adecuados según los perfiles que nos define la institución.   Promoción de Organizaciones Sostenibles – Apoyamos organizaciones en América...

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Info Meetings for volunteers

Informative meetings & Regular reunions of former volunteers Both our informative meetings and the reunions of former volunteers are spaces in which volunteers-to-be can get information at the same time as former volunteers are given room for remembrance, exchange and continuing involvement. Who could be a better contact for persons who have not yet decided to volunteer than you as a former volunteer? Apart from that, you might like to stay in touch with your project and Proyecto Mosaico...

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Newsletter (en)

Newsletter Want to know what’s going on at Proyecto Mosaico? Sign up for our free newsletter, which we send every month. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, send us an eMail to:   Name: Last Name: E-mail address: Language Englisch Deutsch Leave this field empty if you're human: Newsletter-archive 2015 December 2014 Nr. 1 (April) Nr. 2 (August) 2013 Nr. 1 (May) Nr. 2 (September) Nr. 3 (December) 2012Nr. 1 (March) Nr. 2 (August) Nr. 3 (December) 2011...

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Directions When visiting us for the first time, we recommend going by taxi. The address of our office is: “De la entrada de la Monisa media cuadra al sur”. But it only takes about 15 minutes by foot to get from the city center to our office. Directions from Parque Central to our office: Starting from Parque Central, you go straight to the north, past the Casa de los Tres Mundos to your right and keep walking straight ahead on Avenida Guzman. On your way you will pass the Hotel con...

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Contact & Info

Contact If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us via the contact form or send an e-mail to: A - Contact Name*E-mail* Your Message* CommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left...

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