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Volunteer Coordination & Social Projects in Central America

Proyecto Mosaico is a German non-profit association working in Central America for more than 15 years. The focus of our work is coordinating international volunteers to various organizations and projects in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. We partner with local organizations that specialize in the following areas: education & social work, women, and the environment.

In addition to the coordination of volunteers, we are actively engaged in our own projects in the field of environmental education and increasingly conduct capacity building for our local partner organizations. We support organizations by providing educational, work, and networking activities, individual consulting, and support for project planning and implementation. We also assist in the collection and distribution of cash or in-kind donations.

Unite. Learn. Grow.

Volunteer CoordinationEnvironment & WaterCapacity Building
Placement of international volunteers in partner organizations and projects in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and PanamaUN-World Water Day
Unidos por el Agua
Networking activities
Coordination of short-term assignments for groupsEnvironmental education center “Amigos de la NaturalezaEducational work
Club VerdeIndividual consulting
and support