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When Hurricane Mitch hit Central America with a vengeance in late October 1998, people from around the world came together to found the non-profit organization Project Mitch Guatemala (PMG). The goal was simple – to ease the plight of hurricane victims. PMG established an office in Antigua to dispatch volunteers to afflicted regions, and to collect and distribute donations to relief organizations, villages and individuals. PMG ultimately arranged placements for approximately 150 emergency volunteers in the wake of the hurricane.

After the need for immediate aid was met following Hurricane Mitch, PMG decided to continue arranging volunteer work placements for willing international volunteers in numerous organizations throughout Guatemala. This decision was based on continual need for volunteers in the region, even in the absence of natural disaster. The name of the organization was then changed to Project Mosaic Guatemala.

Since the beginning of 2009, we have expanded our work to other countries in Central America. The progression of our work to many countries, partner organizations, and volunteers combine to make up a grand mosaic across some of the poorest countries in Central America. Therefore, in 2010, we changed our name to Proyecto Mosaico.