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Board of Directors

Hier ist normalerweise ein Bild von Sarah.

1rd President: Sarah Ullmann

Function: Treasurer

Sarah grew up in Cologne. After completing an apprenticeship as a management assistant in advertising with a focus on social marketing, she shifted direction by choosing the interdisciplinary Bachelor program “European Studies” at the University of Maastricht, Holland. In order to extend her studies from a Eurocentric perspective to a global one, Sarah decided to work as an intern for Proyecto Mosaico in Nicaragua for half a year. Sarah then received her Master's in “Globalization and Development” and continued to work as an honorary member of Proyecto Mosaico. In Spring 2012, she returned to Nicaragua in order to carry out research for her Master’s thesis. In November 2013, Sarah was elected as 2nd president.



2nd President: Sabrina Inés Heinrich

Function: Management, Secretary, Donor Support

Sabrina is from Hanover, where she studied six semesters of extracurricular youth education. During a one-year stay in Central America, she did three months of volunteer work for PMG in Guatemala and then another six months in Nicaragua. Afterwards, she studied intercultural education focusing on Third World countries and advanced training at the University of Oldenburg. Sabrina's studies led to several more stays in Nicaragua to develop and prepare her Master's thesis, and where she became familiar with the work of local volunteer organizations. Since 2007, Sabrina has been a member of Proyecto Mosaico and since 2008 she has been on the board of directors and working as part-time employee until 2015. In 2009, she established Proyecto Mosaico in Nicaragua and worked in Granda from 2009 - 2015.

3rd President: Katrin Klingenberg

Function: Publicity and Public Relations

Katrin originally comes from Bavaria. In order to get her Abitur, she went to Berlin after graduating from high school. In the east of Germany, she started studying history, literature and cultural studies. During her bachelor's degree, she went to South America for two social internships, where she got to know and love Latin American culture. During her Masters of Intercultural Communication, Katrin wanted to travel again to Latin America and came into contact with Proyecto Mosaico. She supported the association for one year as a volunteer coordinator in the office in Granada and got to know the work of the association and its partner organizations. During her time in Central America, she did research for her Master's thesis in the field of post-colonial perspectives. Since she wanted to continue supporting Proyecto Mosaico after her voluntary service, she joined the association during her stay and has been a board member since December 2017.