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We see volunteering as one of the best ways to promote communication and understanding between people from different cultures and thus contribute to international understanding.

Our approach to volunteering is defined by equal cooperation and mutually beneficial partnerships. As part of our work, we put great value on both sides – organizations and volunteers – benefiting through cooperation. We strive to ensure this mutual benefit by providing robust consulting for our volunteers, keeping close contact with our partner organizations, and offering training and informational events.

Our aim is not to teach locals how to do things in a better way, but to support existing organizations and initiatives in terms of empowerment to independently achieve their self-defined goals.

We are opposed to discrimination of any kind and we do not have any religious or political alignment.

Our Vision

We are committed to international understanding, the protection of natural resources, and the promotion of human rights.

What We Do

We support non-profit initiatives and organizations in Central America by means of volunteer coordination and capacity building.

Our work focuses on:

  1. Intercultural exchange
  2. Networking activities
  3. Environmental protection through awareness-raising activities
  4. Development and support of civic engagement in the fields of the environment, women, and education & social work