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Former Employees, Volunteers & Interns


Bild_CordulaCordula Schuh

Board member

Cordula’s interests include political education, pedagogy of peace, rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion, as well as intercultural education. She completed an apprenticeship as a merchant in a company in Dusseldorf and studied pedagogy of rehabilitation in Berlin starting in 2001. In 2003, she worked for four months as a Proyecto Mosaico volunteer in Guatemala and since 2004 has supported our association as a member. Since 2008 Cordula has taken an active part in the board of directors and in 2011 was elected as 1st president of the organization.


foto1Paula Volkland (23)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Paula is an International Business Student at the end of her studies. During her time in university she developed a big interest in global economic happenings and the field of international cooperation. She got fascinated by the Hispanic culture at her journey through South America 2014. Furthermore, she was able to optimize her Spanish language skills during her Erasmus semester at the University of Oviedo. Since November 2017 she is working for Proyecto Mosaico and supports Gina in the Coordination of Volunteers and the Public Relation work for the organization.



bild_hompageFranziska Wintersteller (20)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Franzi is a student of the bachelor program “International Cultural and Business Studies“ in Passau. She focusses on economics, political sciences and the culture of Latin America. While studying her interest for the continent and its people grew. Her passion for social work is based in her voluntary work with the Red Cross. With Proyecto Mosaico she found the perfect combination of social work and cultural experience. Thus, she decided to do an internship in the office in Granada from September 2017 onwards.




Katharina Jagiello (28)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Katharina is studying the master´s program in sociology and the bachelor´s program in education at the Justus-Liebig University of Gießen. In these studies her focus is placed in migration work and intercultural competences.

After the A level she went for a year to Madrid. Because of the growing interest in the Spanish language she decided to study her first bachelor`s program Language, Culture and Literature in Gießen. Her curiosity for Latin America rose up in the course of her studies. Besides her internship at the Diakonisches Werk and the Bildungswerk der Hessischen Wirtschaft e.V. in Gießen, the internship at Proyecto Mosaico e.V. is an opportunity  to enrich her experiences in international social work. Furthermore, she thinks it is the best way to unite meaningful work with intercultural education. Of all the projects, which are offered by Proyecto Mosaico e.V. she decided to support the team in the office in Granada.


Foto Katrin Klingenberg

Katrin Klingenberg (30)

Function: Volunteer Coordination

Katrin is currently pursuing the graduate course Intercultural Communication at the University of Chemnitz. Prior to this she obtained a degree in History, Literature and Culture. During these studies, she discovered her passion for Latin America and decided to additionally attend lectures in Latin America studies. In 2012 and 2014 she completed two social internships in South America to familiarize herself with development cooperation and the Latin American culture. Her stay sparked a desire to spend more time in the social field, which brought her to Poyecto Mosaico. During her Master studies she already made an effort to improve the intercultural exchange at her university and was involved in student initiatives who want to enhance the integration of international students and one’s own cultural sensitization. Making use of her collected experience, Katrin has supported supported Proyecto Mosaico from September 2016 until September 2017 and has been working as the volunteer coordinator in our office in Granada, Nicaragua.



Madhu (7)

Function: Doorman and “good-soul” of the office

This was our office-dog Madhu. Madhu has been part of the team for five years and lived for Proyecto Mosaico. His tasks were guarding and defending the office as well as to warmly welcome new volunteers and colleagues. Due to his open-mindedness and his friendly nature everyone fell in love with him immediately. In his free-time he always played with his street-dog friend Bobby.








Alina Kapp (26)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Alina currently is studying the master‘s program in Geography at the University of Passau. Her focus is placed on Culture, Environment and Tourism. After the A level she went for the first time to Central America and knew by an instant that this would be her second home. This experience led her to the decision of studying Language, Culture and Translations at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz where she specialized on the Latin-American culture and language area.

Within her master’s program an internship is obligatory. Due to which she first worked 3 months on an organic banana farm in Costa Rica in the field of project management. Since she wanted to gain experiences in the field of development corporation, she became aware of Proyecto Mosaico by a friend. From June to August Alina will be doing a three months internship in our Office in Granada. She will support us in the fields of Marketing and Social Media.


sandraSandra Dinkeldein (24)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Sandra is studying Global Management at HS Bremen. She studied a semester abroad in Peru and got to know Latin America and its people and culture. To gain more experiences and impressions in development cooperation, she did an internship in our office in Granada. She supported us from February until June in the areas of Marketing and Social Media.



sabineSabine Harms (32)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

After studying Geography Sabine worked for some time in Berlin. During numerous journeys through Central and South America and her semester abroad in Buenos Aires she came to love Latin America. She gained first experiences in development cooperation during an internship in Bonn and a work camp in the Dominican Republic. Sabine arrived at the beginning of December and will support Proyecto Mosaico for three months in the office in Granada.



silviaSilvia Greve (33)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Silvia has studied tourism management and has also worked during several years in this area. Foreign countries have always attracted her and therefore she went several times to diverse countries for study or working reasons. Now she wants to change her field of work and in future she aims to work within the field of international relations. In order to gain some experience in this area, she decided to absolve an internship at Proyecto Mosaico. At the same time she will write her master thesis about development cooperation. She will be working as volunteer in the office of Proyecto Mosaico from February till May.


malenaMalena Franz (21)

Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant and Public Relations

Malena is a student of the Bachelor course Studies of Latin America in Eichstätt (Bavaria). Now she wants to apply her theoretical knowledge in the volunteer coordination at Proyecto Mosaico and collect some references for the future. Because her parents are both from Argentina she often visited the country in the past and also other countries of South America. In her study she learns about the politics, history and geography of Latin America but is also confronted with the structural problems of the continent. So she decided to engage in social pursuits in Nicaragua, where she also has the possibility to get to know the culture of Central America.


Foto Tina PfitznerTina Pfitzner (30)

Function: Volunteer Coordination

Tina studied Social Work at the University of Mannheim, Germany. In 2009 and during her studies she worked as a volunteer from Proyecto Mosaico e.V. in the year 2009 in Guatemala. Staying in Central America she developed a great interest for Latin American and has visited the subcontinent several times ever since. As a volunteer she worked in Peru and lived two years in Buenos Aires. In Argentina she wrote her thesis of the “forced disappearance” during the last dictatorship of this country and worked at a kindergarten. After her return to Germany the passion for Latin America stayed and she founded a german latin-american association with some friends. Starting October 2015 she is going to work as coordinator of volunteers in our office in Granada.


CarloPicture of Carlos.s Mejía

Function: Project Management “Amigos de la Naturaleza”

Carlos comes from Granada, Nicaragua, where he studied drama and theater management at Casa de los Tres Mundos. Carlos gained experience in international development assistance through various projects in the fields of theatre, film and education (for example the movies “Planet Carlos” or “Asómate”). The focus of his work lies within the establishment of a connection between art and education. According to Carlos, theatre should always be investigative and didactic. Since 2010, Carlos has been supporting Proyecto Mosaico, first on a voluntary basis and since January 2012 as our first local employee in Nicaragua.


Picture of Janin.

Janin Mejía

Function: Project Management “Amigos de la Naturaleza”

Janin, too, is from Granada, Nicaragua. She completed her apprenticeship as a business secretary at the Escuela Nacional de Commercio and afterwards worked at the Casa de la Niñez. She has taken an active part in several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) where she supports children in need, adolescents, and women in various ways. At Proyecto Mosaico, Janin is responsible for project management of “Amigos de la Naturaleza”, along with Carlos.



verenaVerena Hirnig (20)

Tasks: Public relations, online communication and Film Production

Verena is a passionate Traveler joining us this summer in Nicaragua. She is currently studying “motion pictures” at the University of applied sciences in Darmstadt, Germany and is hitching up her knickers for Proyecto Mosaico on her summer vacation. She will be filming, blogging, posting for us – anything that will make a media lover’s heart beat higher.





Clara1Clara Hollmann (22)

Task: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant

Clara completed her Bachelor in Economics and History in the summer of 2015 and is currently pursuing a gap year before starting a Masters in the fall. After several internships, she is now gaining insights into the work of an NGO at Proyecto Mosaico. She wants to brush up her Spanish skills and explore Central American culture during her stay. She will be supporting the office team from July through to September 2016 and is looking forward to an exciting time!



jonasJonas Freers (25)

Tasks: Public relations, online communication, and assistance of volunteer coordination.

Jonas has already lived, worked, and studied in several countries all over the world, among others in Central -and South America. However, his first encounter with the Latin America culture was due to his studies of International Relations and International Organization, which he completed in the Netherlands and Mexico. Now he wants to further connect Proyecto Mosaico e.V, increase public attention, as well as assist other partner organizations to raise awareness.





Johanna Schwerdt (24)
Function: Intern Public Relations
Johanna has been studying translation and linguistics at Saarland University since 2012. There, she could get first impressions of the Latin American continent and its culture. She wants to support Proyecto Mosaico e.V. to improve the networking and reputation of our work and its objectives.




ruthRuth Näf
Function: Coordination Marketing/Communication
Ruth worked in various profit and non-profit organizations in the area of customer service, direct marketing and interactive marketing. The last ten years, she worked in leading functions for a famous campaigning organization that vouches for the protection of our planet. Ruth is a native from Switzerland, whose flair for other cultures has led her to travel Africa extensively. It has been her dream to get to know Latin America by working and travelling. Ruth is excited to soak in a new culture, and to add her professional experience to the office of Proyecto Mosaico in Granada.



IMG_2807Laura Holzapfel (23)
Function: Intern Volunteer Coordination Assistant
Laura studied Sociology and Communication at TU Dresden. During her time at university she did an ERASMUS exchange in Spain for six months. By doing an internship in Nicaragua she wants to get an impression about the Central American culture as well as to improve her Spanish skills. Laura will be part of the Proyecto-Mosaico-Office-Team from November 2015 till March 2016. Her intention is to gain a lot of insight knowledge of the work of an internationally working cooperation as well as support Proyecto Mosaico e.V. with her given skills.



Profilbild_JuliaJulia Hilgefort (23)

Function: Public Relations
Julia studied economics and communication in Münster and gained working experience during internships in PR-Agencies and editorial departments. After her Bachelor degree she is looking forward to spending time in Latin America to get to know the language, culture and people. Moreover she wants to get a read in the work of an NGO. That is why she is very happy to support Proyecto Mosaico.




Lisa Gaertner (24)
Function: Volunteer Coordination Assistant
Lisa graduated as Master of Business Psychology with emphasis on Human Resources and organizational psychology in the summer of 2015 and now wants to gather some practical experience in an internationally active NGO. During her time at university, she was involved in social projects in Ecuador and Peru as well as Cambodia and was now drawn back to a Spanish-speaking country again. She is glad to actively support Proyecto Mosaico e.V. from September to December 2015.



Picture of Mona.

Mona Nikolić
Function: Volunteer Coordination
Mona studied Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology in Berlin and San José, Costa Rica. Her interest in and her passion for Central America were triggered by a volunteering experience in 2005 in Costa Rica. Consequently, she decided to focus on Central America in her studies and in 2014 concluded her Ph.D.-Thesis at the Institute for Latin American Studies of the FU Berlin. On numerous occasions, she has returned to Central America, studying and doing research. She is looking forward to let other volunteers and volunteers-to-be participate in her knowledge on life and people in Central America and to help them in any phase of their volunteering experience. Since Juli 2014, Mona has been working at the office of Proyecto Mosaico in Granada.


Picture of Anouk.Anouk Reitz
Function: Coordination of the German volunteer program “weltwärts” (until 2014). Anouk is from Frankfurt and has a background in adult education focusing on development assistance at universities in Hamburg and Berlin. After completing her university degree in 2003, Anouk came to Central America and Proyecto Mosaico for the first time through an exchange program. She volunteered at schools and researched environmental and educational conditions in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. From 2005 to 2013, she has been on the board of directors of Proyecto Mosaico and for several years has also been working as part-time employee.



img14Verena Gabel (31)
Function: Volunteer Coordination
Verena has always been fascinated by Latin America. In 2009/2010 she was backpacking through Central America and Peru and since then she has been looking forward to her return. In July 2013, she completed her training at the Hotel Management School in Heidelberg/ Germany with a degree in Business Administration but after almost 10 years in the hotel industry she wanted to do something different for a while. From August 2013 to August 2014 Verena worked in the office of Proyecto Mosaico in Granada as a volunteer coordinator and also dealt with the optimization of workflows in the volunteer coordination.



Picture of Chrissi.

Christina Becker (24)
Function: Volunteer Coordination Assistant, Christina completed her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management and also received a Masters in International Business & Intercultural Management from Heilbronn University in February 2014. During her studies and work experience, Christina has been able to gather considerable practical experience in the field of Human Resources. From March until August of 2014, she has been working at Proyecto Mosaico as a volunteer coordination assistant.



Picture of Johanna.

Johanna Zöllner (24)
Function: Public Relations, Translations Johanna discovered her passion for Latin America while volunteering in Peru. She also had an early interest in international politics and development assistance and therefore chose the Bachelor’s program “European Studies” at the University of Maastricht, Holland. Since completing her Bachelor’s degree, Johanna has gained experience at the Proyecto Mosaico office in Granada, where she was supporting the team from March until June of 2014 in the field of Public Relations. She seeks to explore the world and enjoys her time in Central America to the fullest. Beginning in Winter 2014, Johanna will start her Masters in International Humanitarian Action.



Picture of Jane.
Jane Wuth (23)
Function: Accounting Assistant, after several extended stays in South America, Asia, and Europe, Jane is now drawn back to Latin America. At the moment, she studies International Business and Social Sciences at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve. Jane intends to work in the field of development assistance, and from March until August of 2014 she was completing her compulsory practical semester at our office in Granada.



Picture of Elena.Elena Garrido (32)
Function: Translations Originally, Elena is from Spain, but in recent years, she has worked as an engineer in the south of Germany. After this, she has taken time off in order to travel and to do social work. From April to June, she was responsible for translations into Spanish at Proyecto Mosaico and also supported one of our partner projects.




Picture of Bahareh.

Bahareh Gondani (32)
Function: Project Management Assistant “Amigos de la Naturaleza“, Website Administrator In 2008, Bahareh completed her studies in Sociology at the University of Darmstadt. After several years at the University working as a research assistant, she decided to change her vocational direction and follow her interest and commitment to development assistance. From April to June of 2014, she has been supporting the Proyecto Mosaico team with project management of “Amigos de la Naturaleza” and in the construction of new website.




Matthias Schulz (31)
Function: Video & photo documentations and participation in the project “Amigos de la Naturaleza” Matthias is an electrical engineer. In 2014, he concluded a second course of studies in Sociology at the TU Darmstadt, where he has also worked as a temporary lecturer. A long-term stay in Cuba in 2005 evoked his interest in international cooperation. After numerous stays in Middle Eastern countries, especially in Iran, he returned to Central America to support Proyecto Mosaico from July until September of 2014. Being an experienced and passionate filmmaker, he was working on the production of promotional clips for our website and He wasfurthermore actively involved in the work and organization of our project “Amigos de la Naturaleza”.


Bild_DominiqueDominique-Katharina Inzunza Erices (28)
Function: Dominique studied Social Work in Berlin and currently she’s in her third semester of the Master degree Intercultural Education, Migration and Multilingualism. Through a voluntary service in Chontales, Nicaragua, which lasted one year, she got to know and felt in love with this country. Because of that she’s really happy and excited to support Proyecto Mosaico with the coordination of the volunteers.




fotoNadine Baier (23)
Nadine is originally from Berlin but is studying ‘International Public Management’ with a
focus on Development Cooperation in The Hague in The Netherlands. Her study and various work and travel experiences abroad have enhanced her passion for and knowledge in international cooperation and development aid. With her internship at Proyecto Mosaico, where she is working since September in the field of Project Management and Fundraising, she is able to combine her desire to exploit her full potential in within her main areas of interest with her longstanding dream of experiencing Nicaragua.



Minka Vossen (26)
Minka got in touch with the Spanish-speaking world at an early stage in life due to her studies of Social Science and Spanish, which are also the reason for her interest in Latin America. Having worked in the field of youth welfare in several European countries, Minka is now supporting Proyecto Mosaico as a volunteer coordination assistant.





Maria Süßmilch (29)
Maria studied International Event management at the University of Dresden. After concluding her studies, she worked for a logistic company in Dresden for five years, in the field of project management. In 2012 she travelled Venezuela and Columbia and soon came to the conclusion that she would have to return to Latin America in order to work there. After having completed a further training as a business economist this year, she is supporting the team of Proyecto Mosaico e.V. since September 2014 in the field of marketing and group volunteering.



Felix Neuhaus (24)
Felix is currently realizing his Bachelor studies in Alternative Tourism. After having spent a year abroad in the United States where he discovered his passion for travelling, he is now doing a six month internship at our office in Granada. Since October 2014 he works as a volunteer coordination assistant and additionally he takes care of public relation activities.




DSCF5332Amrei Fuchs
Function: Volunteer Coordinaton Assistant Amrei studied sociology in Freiburg and Bielefeld and did research on intercultural encounters in a globalised world society. In Nicaragua, she fulfills her long-held desire to live and work in Latin America for some time. She supports us as volunteers coordination assistant in our office in Granada from January to March 2015.


promo website Nicola

Nicola Steinigen (25)
Function: Marketing Nicola studied her Bachelor in Media Science and Spanish Philology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the University of La Plata in Argentina. After her Traineeship in a German Marketing Agency she started a distance study Master Program at Cornell University. Now she is really happy to apply her know-how to the work of Proyecto Mosaico e.V. and enjoys living in Latinamerica again. She is responsable for the activities in Marketing, Social Media and Fundraising.




Leonie Lorenz (18)
Function: Films and Media Leonie finished school in 2014. She worked as an intern for a further education school for journalists. There she took part in numerous seminars and learned how to produce videos. She is happy to help Proyecto Mosaico e.V. with her know-how.



XeniaXenia Baukhage (24)
Function: assistance of the volunteer coordinator E-Mail: Xenia has been studying Cultural Anthropology since 2010 in Heidelberg. During her studies she already gained some experience abroad. However, her main interest has been Latin America for quite some time. This is why she considers her volunteering in Nicaragua as a great opportunity. In her studies, she focussed on the topic of development cooperation work, among others. To obtain a more detailed idea about the work of an NGO and to take a look behind the scenes, she has been working with Proyecto Mosaico e.V. in Granada since March as the assistant of the volunteer coordinator Mona.



Sebastian Breidecker (33)
Function: Graphic Design Sebastian got schooled to be a Advertising Technician, then went on to Mainz to study Communication Design. He worked as a Freelancer for different agencies and in a permanent position in Design and Illustrations for on- and offline advertising. He quit his job for a tourism company to help us out in the office in Granada with Graphics, Advertisement and Design. Additionally he teaches phillipino martial arts and is the new best friend of office-dog Madhu.