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When visiting us for the first time, we recommend going by taxi. The address of our office is: “De la entrada de la Monisa media cuadra al sur”. But it only takes about 15 minutes by foot to get from the city center to our office.

Directions from Parque Central to our office:

Starting from Parque Central, you go straight to the north, past the Casa de los Tres Mundos to your right and keep walking straight ahead on Avenida Guzman. On your way you will pass the Hotel con Corazón, which is to your left handside, and after a while you cross a little bridge. Afterwards, you go up a small hill. You will reach a crossroad where you will turn to the right. In this street you turn again to the right. You will see our yellow office in the middle of the block. Congratulations, you have reached the office of Proyecto Mosaico!

We are looking forward to your visit!