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Why volunteer with Proyecto Mosaico e.V.?

Our volunteers really do matter to us – that is why we always care about them! When placing volunteers we are especially concerned with the fact that both sides – our partner organizations as well as the volunteers – will benefit from the volunteer work. We are in permanent contact with our partner organizations and we base our work on their needs and on how they can benefit from volunteer work. That is why our volunteers are always welcome! To our volunteers, we offer a complete package of qualified advice and care – starting with the first e-mail contact, continuing with personal assistance here in Granada, and ending after the return of our volunteers to their home countries. With regard to this service, it is important for us to be more than just an informative e-mail-contact: We are providing much information and many opportunities to get involved. As personal contacts to our volunteers, we always lend them a sympathetic ear and are always ready to help finding solutions.

All of us are professionals with long-term working experience in the field of volunteer work and are therefore able to support and train our volunteers adequately. Our culturally diverse team lives and works in Granada, Nicaragua. We know the country and its people. Many of us used to be volunteers at some point of time in our lifes. Thus, we count on a valuable set of experiences to share with our volunteers. We know how painful it is to be homesick. And we know how difficult it can be to have to communicate in a foreign language and live in another country and culture. Personal experience is especially precious and long-lasting if shared with others. That is why we are always there for our volunteers.

Why is volunteer work valuable?

Volunteering is a perfect way to learn about a different culture while making a worthwhile social contribution. Furthermore, it promotes communication and understanding between people from different cultures and accordingly contributes to international understanding. Many organizations are not able to search for volunteers due to organizational and language barriers. This is where we step in and connect volunteers from all around the world with our local partner organizations.

You have the option to volunteer for a short group volunteering or long period of time. Volunteering at our partner organizations does not require any specialized knowledge. Even if you are not able to speak Spanish yet, this is not an obstacle. Many of our volunteers have learned the language only in the respective country. Of course, it is especially appreciated when volunteers support our partner organizations in a specific manner utilizing life and professional experience.

With us, you can support local organizations and projects in their valuable work and gain priceless experiences!