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Our services at a glance

For our work and our services we require a one-time-only fee of € 250,00 – regardless of the length of your stay. With this fee, you support and facilitate not only our work but also the work of our partner organizations. If you want to know what happens with your participation fee, click here. Every year, about 100 volunteers from around the world use our reliable and professional service. Here is why::

Our services

In general

  • Projects in five countries in Central America
  • Option between more than 50 projects
  • Choice of projects in the areas education and social work, women and environment
  • Support before departure and during the stay
  • None of the service offers are mandatory

Before arrival

  • Advice by the choice of the project
  • Finding of a social project
  • In many projects acknowledged internships are possible
  • No additional commission fee for internships in more than one project
  • Availability of reports of experiences and contact information of former volunteers
  • Information material about the countries before arrival
  • Help with questions about the visa
  • Help with questions about the health insurance
  • Organization of the transport from the airport to the project
  • Organization of accommodation
  • Finding of a cheap language school
  • Certification before arrival possible

During the stay

  • Direct contact in Granada and Antigua
  • 24-hour emergency number
  • In case of dissatisfaction possibility to change the project free of charge
  • Inclusion in the volunteer network which makes it possible to connect with other volunteers
  • 2 times a year there are free volunteer seminars in Granada
  • Issuing of a volunteer card, which gives discounts in some cafés, restaurants, museums and fitness centers
  • Organization of volunteer meetings

After the stay

  • Issuing of an internship certificate
  • Volunteer meetings
  • No commission fee for a year after the first stay

Optimal Preparation

During your preparation time and your entire stay, our experienced volunteer coordinators can always be reached via e-mail or Skype to quickly answer all of your questions. From the first contact with us, you will receive information brochures regarding important details (e.g. travelling, health, safety, living with a host family, etc.). After your enrollment, you will receive information about your partner organization, contact details of former and current volunteers, information about the history of the respective country and further documents so you can prepare for your volunteer work.

Organization of your Volunteer Work

You choose the country, project, time and length of your volunteer work. We advise you every step of the way and find a suitable project for you. We organize your volunteer work at one of our partner organizations and, upon request, your airport transfer, accommodation and classes at a local language school. We also arrange for a private shuttle to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel / hostel or to your host family. This way, you do not have to worry how to get to your volunteer placement or where you will stay on your first night. Central America is an ideal place to learn Spanish, and we offer discounted one-to-one tutoring with a native speaker in local Spanish schools. This way you will learn the language quickly and efficiently. The better you speak Spanish, the more you will gain from your stay in Central America so we are happy to reserve a spot for you in a Spanish school, where we have arranged discounts for our volunteers. Living with a local host family is a great addition to your classes and enables you to learn Spanish more quickly. At the same time, you will become much more familiar with the culture and social conditions of your host country.

Support and Safety

We are there for you: Personally on site in Granada, Nicaragua; through our mentors in other cities and countries; and via our 24-hour emergency phone. We also regularly offer activities and meetings so you can be with other volunteers. As well, your family and friends can talk to us and write to us via e-mail, telephone or Skype.


After you have completed your volunteer work, we will issue an official certificate to you. If you need a certificate prior to your travel to Central America, we can issue a provisional certificate to you, after you apply.