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Panama also forms part of Central America as a small isthmus is is the connection between the two continents South and Middle America. The Western part is limited by Costa Rica and the Eastern part by Colombia. With a size of 78,000 square kilometers Panama is bigger than Costa Rica but smaller than Nicaragua. It is not densely populated with about 3.3 million inhabitants, but 50% are living in towns. The country is famous for its big canal which connects the Pacific with the Atlantic Ocean, evoking economic growth.

Travel destinations

Panama is known for its beautiful beaches with palms and white sand.

As a traveler you should definitely visit the famous Panama Canal, an impressive building because of its enormous size and the big freighters passing daily. The beautiful coast town Bocas del Toro invites you to fascinating diving trips where you can see colorful reefs. Nature lovers enjoy the wilderness during hiking tours on the Sendero Los Quetzales, which leads through the nebulous forest up to the mountains of Panama. City life you are going to find in the capital Panama City, especially, the historic part Casco Viejo is a cultural highlight.


Because of its location next to the equator the climate is tropical during the whole year. The generally high temperatures vary less during the year and the day. In higher located areas the temperatures are lower, especially during the nights. A recommendation for longer hiking trips to the mountains is to carry warm clothes with you, but in general, light and breathable clothes are sufficient. In Panama there is a dry season from December to April and a rainy season from May to November, here it is practical to have an anorak.


Spanish is the official language in Panama as well as in other Central American states and is spoken by most of the mestizos with European roots and as a second language also by most of the Indígenas. At the Caribbean coast there are also many people speaking Creole English.


Rice with beans, coconut rice and meat are the elementary parts of the menu in Panama. In general the food is very similar to the one in other Central American countries. However, in supermarkets you can buy a lot of US-American products.

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