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Are you interested in volunteering in Central America? Then send us an initial request using the online request form. You can also find more information about the application process below.

The Application Process

Your initial request

Your first step is to read on this website about the various projects for which we need volunteers. For each project, we include details on requirements and qualifications (such as Spanish level or minimum working time). Generally, details about costs and/or lodging can also be found for each project. Then you can send us a request. If you still have questions, eMail our staff at:

Your enrollment

Your second step is to choose your three favorite projects in ranking order and fill in our request form. We will e-mail all necessary forms to you after you have contacted us. In addition, we will need your volunteer profile to share with our partner organizations. After you have sent us these forms, we will respond to your requests as soon as possible. Rarely, none of your three choices will be available. In this case, we will provide you with alternatives. When you decide to come to Central America with us, fill out the binding application form. We will formalize our agreement in a binding contract. This is necessary so that we as an association as well as our partner organizations know with certainty that you will start your volunteer work. However, please do not worry about us (and the organizations) staying flexible in cases of sudden changes or other important occurrences. Even you wanting to extend your stay will not be a problem. We will also send you a bill for your contribution, and we ask you to pay this within four weeks.

Your stay

After we have received your completed application form, we will start all the needed preparations. We will organize your arrival in Central America and, if required, arrange your Spanish classes and accommodation. You will also receive extensive information about your preparation (e.g. information brochure, information on the history of the respective country, a packing guide, etc.). If you have any questions after reviewing this material, you can eMail or call our experts. Upon request, we will establish contact between you and your partner organization prior to your arrival. This personal support continues during your stay in Central America. For example, we will provide you with details about arriving, traveling and living in Central America. Moreover, you can always contact us via eMail, telephone, or Skype. We can also establish contact between you and other volunteers in the chosen country.

Your return home

After you have completed your volunteer work, you will receive an official work certificate. If you would like to continue to volunteer with us, we can give you advice on how to help Proyecto Mosaico and its partner organizations from your home country.