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Focus Areas of Our Volunteer Positions

Education & Social Work

Collage Bildung & Soziales

Unemployment and inadequate wages are huge problems that many people face in Central America. Insufficient governmental investments in the public education system lead to the fact that many adolescents enter the labor market with a very low level of education.

In order to sustainably raise the level of education in Central America, massive public spending is necessary. However, sufficient spending on education does not occur in many countries, and even if money is being spent on schools, it is the poor who are often unable to send their children to remote schools. In many cases, children also have to help with the family’s farm business.

By working with different local projects, Proyecto Mosaico intends to offer access to a basic level of education to as many children, adolescents and adults as possible. Education projects are frequently combined with free-of-charge social and leisure time activities, as many people are motivated in this way.


Collage Frauen

“Machismo”, the very traditional view of gender roles, is very common in Central America. Unfortunately, it tends to come with an ungrounded preference for men and discrimination against women. Although women are discriminated against systematically when looking for jobs, their often unemployed men expect them to take care of the food and extended family.

Alcoholism, widespread in the poor population in Central America, affects mostly men. This means women are often left alone with the challenges of daily life. Overpopulation, a high HIV-infection-rate, sexual abuse, incest, and domestic violence are often due to aggressive male sexual behavior and a lack of responsibility.

Within the projects, we intend to raise consciousness for this type of injustice. Nevertheless, a sustainable improvement can only be reached by encouragement of female independence. This can be done by means of self-employment and also providing access to counseling and legal aid for women or girls who suffer from abuse or violence.


Collage Tiere & Umwelt

In Central America, environmental issues generally do not play a great role because people are focusing on securing their livelihoods or even surviving the next day. Another reason is that the positive effects of protecting the environment mostly become apparent after many years and indirectly (e.g. by the increase of eco-tourism in Costa Rica). Even though people notice and suffer from negative environmental effects such as erosion, flooding, or drought periods due to exploiting resources, they are not aware of such interrelations and rather regard the negative effects as beyond their control.

Proyecto Mosaico’s various projects seek to establish an environmental consciousness, avoid unnecessary trash, use resources sustainably, and protect flora and fauna. We focus our efforts on children and teenagers and recognize the value in people seeing immediate successes and countable results. For instance, assisting people produce certain goods from recycled materials and then successfully sell their products. A win-win situation has been created, for the environment and for the local people.

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