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N_P.01 Work at an organic farm and support community work in the autonomous North Atlantic region (RAAN)







Description of the Project:

Environmental protection and social responsibility are in the focus of this non-governmental organization which was founded in 1992. The ecological farm is home to a center for intercultural education which’s aim is to promote the intercultural exchange between Germany and Nicaragua as well as a mutual understanding of European and indigenous cultures. The farm economically depends on the production of coconut-oil making use of organic farming methods. The center furthermore encourages intercultural exchange.

Volunteers can get involved in a number of different ways. Three important areas of volunteer work are education, farming and environment.



  • Teach English to interested community members
  • Support the intercultural exchange in the educational center and help to combine indigenous and non-indigenous teaching methods
  • Organize and collaborate in workshops on different topics (e.g. sports, arts, handcrafts) for the community members


  • Support the work at the finca and the coconut plantation
  • Get involved in the production of coconut oil
  • Transfer your knowledge and skills about sustainable farming and permaculture


  • Help to strengthen the environmental consciousness of the local population
  • Organize and collaborate in workshops on recycling and the separation of waste
  • Maintain a woodland nature trail
  • You are welcome to contribute your own ideas and initiate your own environmental protection projects
  • Work schedule: Work is carried out from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in order to take advantage of the daylight
  • Vacations: consult with the director of the project


  • Minimum stay: 1 month
  • Spanish level: intermediate to advanced
  • English level: advanced English skills if you want to teach
  • Skills and expertise: Knowledge and experiences in the selected fields of work are a plus (but not obligatory); Farming: Knowledge about permaculture and sustainable farming methods; Education: experiences in teaching or tutoring; knowledge about teaching methods, intercultural competence
  • Creativity, flexibility, openness, cultural sensitivity, fondness of working outside and no fear of darkness and ability to live without electricity

Accommodation, Benefits and Costs:

  • You can stay at the
    project site (from 200 US$/ month incl. meals)
  • Proyecto Mosaico books your lodging, Spanish school and your transportation from the airport, furthermore we offer individual assistance provided by the office in Granada before, throughout and after your stay
  • For our work and our services we ask a one-time-only fee of 250 € – regardless of the length of your stay

Have a look at the detailed project presentation with more pictures, info on accommodation and location:

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