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EcoARTE – Art and education merge with environmental protection!

What is the connection between environmental protection and art? What does recycling mean and why does it matter? Which kind of resources may I use in which way? EcoARTE – Art and education merge with environmental protection!


Project background

People in Granada are as concerned about securing their survival as are people throughout the world. Children and adolescents of the neighborhood Santa Emilia are particularly affected due to poverty. For these people, happy, peaceful times enriched with fun, creativity and games are rare, but precious. EcoARTE focuses on creating free spaces full of creativity for people affected by poverty. Within these spaces, kids, teenagers and adults can enjoy a peaceful and challenging atmosphere sparkling with creativity, fun and team spirit. Through this project, our goal is to support the development of new skills and a critical environmental consciousness.


Project aim

Some children need to catch up in their fine-motor, social and communicative abilities. Through artistic and educational support, these children can make large gains. For example, through sensitive and empathic demonstrations, kids can learn how to use scissors precisely, to wave a brush, or learn to work with others on projects. Additionally, children can experience how – in a blink of an eye – garbage can turn into a homemade, unique toy. Participants have the chance to experience direct and satisfying results while being introduced and supported in handcraft and recycling. These skills can be easily applied independently to other areas. Through experiencing direct and valued results in easy-to-access projects, participants are inspired to develop and plan their own projects by using newly learned recycling skills. If a person is aware of the ability to recycle garbage to new products (e.g. packaging garbage, plastic bottles), he or she can sell to tourists, and change his or her consciousness. This is a very important lesson and a strong motivator to change one’s behavior for the long term.

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