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Environmental education center – “Amigos de la Naturaleza”

Since March 2014, we have been building, with our partners, an environmental education center at the Red Cross in Granada. Our project is supported by the Manfred-Hermsen-Foundation for Environment and Nature and the Foundation AES from Germany. Through this project, we are creating a space for experiencing, exploring, learning and exchanging. The education and information center “Amigos de la Naturaleza” is mainly meant to be a place for young people in Granada to go. Staff from the center also visits residents, schools and institutions in order to inspire them with instructions and models. Following the principle of “Learning by Doing”, 15 promoters and volunteers learn how to live in harmony with nature by simple means. The work of the group is comparable with an apprenticeship in landscape architecture and gardening. In this way, both environmental commitment and future prospects are promoted.

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To help more adolescents in the future, the center will be self-financed by selling recycled products and by offering landscape architecture and gardening services. Since December 2014 there is a non-profit Spanisch School located in the center that helps it financially. In “El Jardín” Pupils learn in bamboo huts directly at the popular street la Calzada and near the Nicaragua lake.

First impressions of the Environmental Education Center

Latest impressions of the Environmental Eduaction Center

We are focusing on the following topics:


Prevention of water pollution: Sustainable use of water and wastewater; cleaning, risk and storage
Organic cultivation: Method of fertilization, upkeeping, founding a company for landscape architecture and gardening
Recycling: Sustained use of garbage for fertilizing and compost; recycling toilets, furniture and other things
Local flora and fauna: Local vulnerable animal and plant species; local ecosystems
Climate change and energy: Cause and use of alternative energies
Diet: Risk and alternatives; use of solar ovens
Craft: Construction of solar ovens and compost toilets, furniture and water filters