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Proyecto Mosaico is a part of different networks in Nicaragua:


Commission for children and adolescents in Granada, Nicaragua

(Comisión Municipal de la Niñez y la Adolescencia)
Since 2009, we have been a member of the Commission for Children and Adolescents in Granada (Nicaragua). The Commission consists of different non-governmental organizations in the city as well as the police, city council, and other important groups and institutions. All members work together to support educational work and to help improve the lives of children and adolescents. Together, we are standing up for children’s rights. We are also fighting against abuse, prostitution and child trafficking. The Commission meets regularly to plan campaigns and to exchange information.


Mesa Ambiental Granada (MAG)

As a result of Proyecto Mosaico´s campaign “Unidos por El Agua” at World Water Day 2013, the local alliance of volunteers “Club Verde” and the working team “Mesa Ambiental Granada” (MAG) were founded. MAG meets regularly with local organizations and groups to exchange, communicate and develop knowledge. In addition, weekly meetings have been held to develop common plans for campaigns at World Water Day 2014.


EcoREDMOSAICO: Environmentalists´ network Nicaragua

EcoREDMOSAICO was founded to bring aid agencies and self-help campaigns together and to create a national network for environmental protection. The participants support each other and exchange knowledge and experiences. They also make plans to protest about environmental protection in order to raise the media´s interest and to show opportunities for action. In addition, group members try to help people use the Internet as a source of information and knowledge, and they help teach web 2.0 skills to individuals. The members meet in a forum, which is established as an environment for teaching and learning. As well, two representatives from each organization have participated in six meetings offering workshops, lectures and tutorials.

We consider the instruction and support of the network for environmental protection as an important and future-compliant contribution to development assistance. There are many politically and socially committed and competent environmentalists in Nicaragua! We would like to encourage the environmentalists´ work in Nicaragua. Help support us to do so!