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Hurricane Mitch

In late October 1998 Hurricane Mitch hit Central America as one of the most powerful Hurricanes in the last 200 years. There were impacts in nearly all Central American countries, especially in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras. Heavy rainfalls, floodings and mudslides damaged or destroyed many villages, the whole infrastructure and the countries farming lands. Thousands of people were confirmed dead or are still reported as missing. Millions had to suffer under the consequences and ten thousands lost their homes.

Several aid programs tried to control the caused damage of about 3,8 US dollar, such as an initiative of today’s Proyecto Mosaico e.V.: Employees from Guatemalan and foreign non-profit organizations and travelers founded the Project Mitch Guatemala (PMG). PMG ultimately arranged placements for about 150 emergency volunteers during this initial phase in regions affected by “Mitch”.

After this spontaneous emergency response, PMG decided to continue dispatching international volunteers to Guatemalan organizations. The name of the Project Mitch Guatemala was changed into Project Mosaic Guatemala and the today’s association Proyecto Mosaico e.V. was founded in 2003.

We would like to thank all partner organizations and volunteers sincerely for their contribution to this the collaborative project. We wish the affected families the very best.