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Hurricane Stan

In 2005, Hurricane Stan appeared in the area of the Lake Atitlán, Guatemala on its way from Mexico to El Salvador. Many people lost their homes. In addition to losing their home, many famers lost their harvests, which is their livelihood.
Approximately twenty of Proyecto Mosaico’s volunteers supported clean up operations and reconstruction work. By collaborating with different partner organizations, the international team of volunteers rebuilt a school and worked to divert River Jaibalito to its original riverbed. They also rebuilt walls and offered temporary accommodation for the homeless.
We would like to give thanks for the in-kind donations and monetary contributions as well as for the on the ground support of volunteers. We wish the affected families the very best.

Report on the fund-raising campaign for seeds in Sibinal, San Marcos

In April 2006, a group of Proyecto Mosaico’s volunteers were en route to San Marcos, Guatemala. In San Marcos they met Chepe, the local leader of agricultural education and production campaigns. Chepe traveled with the volunteers introducing them to Guatemalan farmers. The volunteers and the local residents cultivated various types of vegetables in different villages through utilizing monetary donations. Most of the farmland was destroyed by hurricane Stan. This campaign contributed to the self-sufficiency of affected people.
Our volunteers returned after gaining valuable and positive experiences.
Proyecto Mosaico would like to thank every donator and supporter. We are hoping that the volunteers´ campaign encouraged the affected communities.