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In-kind Donations


We are urgently looking for a computer and a video camera!

Our need for resources is growing as we expand. This includes an urgent need for computers, new or used in good condition. Laptops would be great due to the ease in transporting. Furthermore, we are also looking for a new video camera with USB interface and a picture editing software for our project EcoREDMOSAICO.

If you have a working computer, a video camera, or if you want to donate a new one, please contact Sabrina:

In-kind Donations for our partner organizations

Our partner organizations are also always grateful for in-kind donations. We attach great importance to the targeted use of the donations so that they arrive where they are needed the most. If you come to Central America as a volunteer and want to bring something with you, ask us so we can tell you what is urgently needed in your organization or what you might also be able to buy locally.

To avoid unexpected fees or difficulties transporting items to donate, ask your travel agency or airline about the existing import regulations and any luggage restrictions.