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Donation Campaigns

Our commitment goes beyond the placement of volunteers and initiating our own environmental projects: With our appeals for donations we support initiatives of our partner organizations in emergency situations.

Running donation campaigns

School packages for children from Granada/Nicaragua

In March 2017 we were able to make around 40 children from Pantanal and Santa Emilia happy. Thanks to your donations on the children received new school uniforms and a lot of writing materials, so they can go to school. A big Thank you to all donors!

We would like to continue this donation campaign. Therefore, we keep counting on your support in the future:

Past donation campaigns

School packages for children from Granada/Nicaragua

Thanks to your donations on 110 children and their parents are very happy now. At the beginning of 2015 we handed over the school packages that include a new backpack, school uniform and a lot of stationery for each child. Finally they can go to school. Thank you so much to all the donors!

With our Christmas donation campaign 2013, we supported the students from Santa Emilia and Pantanal – districts of Granada where low-income families live. We are delighted that due to your support, we were able to allocate urgently needed school supplies to 47 girls and boys.

Video February 2014

Video July 2014

Help for a womens cooperation in San Juan Cotzal/Guatemala

In August 2013 we received the news that one of our partner organizations, the cooperative of female weavers Tejidos Cotzal from San Juan Cotzal in the north-east of Guatemala, had been robbed. We were speechless at first – but did not remain inactive. Therefore we started a donation campaign immediately. Thanks to your support, we were then able to transfer more than US$ 2,000 to the cooperative within a few weeks. In December 2013, our volunteer coordinator Verena visited the project in Guatemala to see how the recuperation of the project went.

Video January 2014

The fund-raising campaign for seeds in Sibinal, San Marcos

In April 2006, a group of Proyecto Mosaico’s volunteers were en route to San Marcos, Guatemala. In San Marcos they met Chepe, the local leader of agricultural education and production campaigns. Chepe traveled with the volunteers introducing them to Guatemalan farmers. The volunteers and the local residents cultivated various types of vegetables in different villages through utilizing monetary donations. Most of the farmland was destroyed by hurricane Stan. This campaign contributed to the self-sufficiency of affected people. Our volunteers returned after gaining valuable and positive experiences.